The whole region of Tatra Mountains is a National Park and regular hikers are only allowed to use marked tourist trails. There are several peaks in Tatra Mountains with no tourist trails leading to the top of them, because the climbs to their summits are considered too difficult and too challenging for ordinary hikers. To be able to climb these peaks, you will need the assistance of a Licensed Mountain Guide, like me.

Some of the peaks inaccessible for ordinary hikers:

Mnich ♦ Zadni Mnich ♦ Mięguszowieckie Szczyty ♦ Cubryna ♦ Niżnie Rysy ♦ Żabi Koń ♦ Żabia Lalka 


If you are into mountain climbing and rock climbing in Tatra Mountains, I am the best person to help you organise it. I can provide climbing equipment, like climbing harness, ropes, crampons, helmets, etc. (free of charge). What you need to bring with you, is enthusiasm! Also, it's advisable that you have some climbing experience and that you're reasonably fit because reaching a summit normally takes long and the level of difficulty is high. You need to be able to cope well with heights, too.

Climbing in Tatra Mountains is only allowed in the designated areas, and I suggest you choose from three of the most interesting ones.

Designated climbing areas:

  • Morskie Oko area: Mnich - Zadni Mnich - Mięguszowiecki Szczyt Wielki - Cubryna - Wołowa Turnia - Żabi Koń - Żabia Lalka - Niżnie Rysy
  • Hala Gąsienicowa area:  Granaty - Kościelec - Zadni Kościelec - Świnica -  Fajki ridge
  • Five Polish Lakes Valley area:  Zamarła Turnia

Bear in mind that in winter climbing routes may change slightly due to weather conditions.

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them, and help you plan your mountain climbing adventure in Tatra Mountains. I am also open to your suggestions.


As all the tours are tailor-made, the cost of individual tour depends on the length and level of difficulty of the climb, number of days, number of participants, and season of the year. 

In order to book your trip and reserve the dates you want, you will need to arrange it with me via e-mail. Please go to CONTACT.

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone to discuss your preferences and to get a quote.